China building solar, hydro projects with new military bases built near LAC with India

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New Delhi: Facing difficulties in maintaining its large number of military bases built along the Line of Actual Control with India, the Chinese military has constructed many solar and hydel power plants to sustain the increased energy requirements of their troops.

The military stand-off between India and China has been going on for more than three years now after the Chinese try to unilaterally change the status quo at the LAC in Eastern Ladakh through large-scale aggression.
“After the large-scale deployments in 2020-21, the Chinese have had issues in maintaining troops there. For meeting their energy requirements, solar energy plants along with the Chinese had faced issues in meeting their energy requirements, especially during winters,” sources in security forces told ANI.

The Chinese Army has deployed almost 50,000 troops along the LAC after the 2020 aggression by it and its energy requirements have gone up considerably in the forward areas which experience very low temperatures even in the summers, they said.

The Chinese have also upgraded their military infrastructure in a big way as new habitats and villages have been built to support large-scale deployments.

Sources said that the Chinese have continued to maintain large-scale deployments and are taking steps to support their long-term deployment.

India has also deployed an almost equal number of troops along the Eastern Ladakh sector to counter any possible misadventure by the Chinese in future.

The Army has also reoriented its focus towards the northern borders and deployed new formations along with dual tasking some of them for facing the two-front threat scenario.

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