BJP undermining tribal welfare legislations enacted by UPA: Rahul Gandhi

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Buldhana (BT): Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused the Narendra Modi-led central government on Sunday of undermining legislation enacted by the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) to empower tribals, saying his party will strengthen them further if re-elected.


Gandhi told the Adivasi Mahila Workers’ Sammelan in Maharashtra’s Buldhana district that tribals are the native owners of the country and have the same rights as other people. ‘The Modi government was eroding legislation such as the Panchayats (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act, the Forest Rights Act, Land Rights, the Panchayat Raj Act, and women’s reservation in local governments,” he added.


He said that Prime Minister Modi refers to tribals as ‘vanvasis.’ He explained that the words ‘adivasi’ and ‘vanvasi’ have different meanings. Vanvasi implies you can only live in the jungles, not in cities, you can’t become a doctor or engineer, and you can’t fly, he explained.


Gandhi said that the Prime Minister wants to steal tribal land and transfer it to his business buddies. When we take power, we will reinforce these laws and implement new legislation for your benefit, he promised.


Gandhi stated that his grandmother (former Prime Minister) Indira Gandhi would claim that adivasis were the country’s initial owners. You will not comprehend the nation unless you grasp tribal culture and history, he remarked.


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