Ashish Nehra’s “Pinjre Ki Titliyaan” movie trailer launched

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BT Bureau Mumbai: This evening at Sin City Lounge, the trailer and poster of writer-director Ashish Nehra’s movie “Pinjre ki Titliyaan” were launched.

Pinjre ki Titaliyaan, Ashish Nehra, mohan Kant, Taran bal, Yashpal Sharma
Pinjre Ki Titliyaan Trailer Release Event at Sin City Lounge, Mumbai| Image: Bombay Tribune

Several Bollywood stars were present during the trailer’s launch.

Director Ashish Nehra with lead Cast of Movie Pinjre Ki Titliyaan | Image: BT

The movie’s trailer received high praise from Bollywood actor Yashpal Sharma, who also praised the production crew.

Ashish Nahera
Director Ashish Nehra During Trailer Launch Event at Sin City |Image: Bombay Tribune

Ashish Nehra graduated from the State Institute of  Film and Television Institute Rohtak with a degree in film Making.

Pinjare ki Titaliyaan
Pinjre Ki Titaliyaan Trailer Launch| Image: Bombay Tribune

The film stars Mohan Kant, Yuvang, Geeta Saroha, Ruchita Deol in lead roles.

In response to questions from the media, Nehra stated that the entire team put a lot of effort into creating “Pinjre Ki Titliyan” and he is optimistic that the audience would enjoy the movie. The movie will soon be released in a few theaters across the nation.


According to the creative director Taran Bal, it’s important to keep making independent movies since they bring out socially concealed stories.


The whole cast and crew of the movie were present during the trailor released.


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