Anurag Basu opens up about his battle with blood cancer

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Mumbai: Anurag Basu, who was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2004, recently recalled his battle with the disease. The filmmaker also revealed that the doctors had said that he has only two weeks left to live.


In a recent interview with a news portal, Anurag said that it was the scariest phase of his life. The filmmaker was diagnosed with cancer when his wife was about seven months pregnant with their daughter Ishana. The director recalled continuing to work despite his health deteriorating.

Basu’s wife wasn’t initially told about his condition, and she learned about it from news channels. It was only when he was shifted to a cancer hospital in Mumbai where he received new medicines, that he started recuperating.

The filmmaker also revealed that it was because of Sunil Dutt, that he immediately received a bed and treatment in the hospital. Anurag also went on to recall how his friends and colleagues from the TV and film industry were sending messages and asking for blood donations to save him.


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