Nice for an Indian to conduct UK’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, perform ‘Jana Gana Mana’: Ricky Kej

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Mumbai: Being an Indian, Grammy winner Ricky Kej says leading the UK’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) for a rendition of “Jana Gana Mana” was special as the national anthem has been the most “important piece of music” in his life.

Kej on Monday shared the video of the national anthem, recorded with a 100-piece British orchestra from the RPO at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, that earned him praise from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Ahead of the collaboration, Kej said the first thought that came in his mind was how the times have changed as a man from a country that the British Empire ruled for over 200 years is now leading their “most in-demand” orchestra and performing “Jana Gana Mana”.

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