Debate Competition held at K. G. Shah Law School, Mumbai

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Mumbai: K. G. Shah Law School in Mumbai recently hosted a State level intercollegiate debating competition where contestants strove to vociferously bash opponents. The K. G. Shah Law School’s principal, Rakhee Gadhave, vice principal, Shoba Shivale, and administrative assistant Dipali Khavle organized the event, which covered a variety of topics, including “Bodily autonomy”: A fundamental human right; “The ailing nature of same-sex marriages”: Myth or reality; “Data privacy”: Right or luxury; “CSR”: Charity/Marketing and “Artificial intelligence”: A war between humans and Two people from each college participated in each of the 18 teams, and the winners were KES College, Kandivali.

In contrast to the many prior competitions he presided over, Mr. Edrich Miranda, a journalist and legal advisor with Prabhu Associates, was startled to see participants who were well-informed and knowledgeable of the numerous issues.

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