Rajnath Singh Criticizes Congress and RJD, Predicts End of ‘Lantern Era’ in Bihar

Rajnath Singh

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Buxar (Bihar), May 29: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday launched a scathing attack on the Congress and its ally Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) during the final phase of the Lok Sabha elections, predicting the decline of RJD’s influence, symbolized by its lantern emblem, and likening the Congress to dinosaurs on the brink of extinction from Indian politics.

In a series of four election meetings across Bihar, Singh remarked that the light provided by the RJD’s lantern is dwindling, suggesting that its influence is confined and diminishing. He metaphorically indicated that the lantern’s oil is depleting, causing it to flicker and soon be extinguished. This, he implied, signified the impending end of RJD’s political era.

Singh also took aim at the Congress party, comparing it to dinosaurs, implying that it is becoming irrelevant and might vanish from the political landscape within a decade. He criticized Rahul Gandhi’s recent comments on systematic bias against lower castes during Congress rule, suggesting it was an acknowledgment of the Congress-created system’s flaws. Singh highlighted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, coming from a backward class, introduced reservations for economically weaker sections, something no previous leader had dared to do.

He emphasized the BJP’s approach to politics, claiming it focuses on humanity rather than appeasement. Singh pointed out the BJP’s stance on issues like triple talaq, asserting that their policies are designed to protect and honor women of all religions. He contrasted the current safety from terrorist incidents under BJP rule with the frequent attacks during Congress governance.

Singh concluded by asserting that the BJP’s goal is not just to form a government but to build the nation, enhancing its self-respect, honor, and dignity. He argued that Congress, despite ruling for 52 years, failed to elevate India to its potential.

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