BJP making gains everywhere,” says Anil K Antony exuding confidence in party’s victory in LS polls

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New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate from Pathanamthitta Anil K Antony on Saturday exuded confidence in his party’s victory and said this election is rare because a two-time sitting PM is going for the third election, and there is zero anti-incumbency.

Lauding BJP, he said, “We are making gains everywhere… Even in Kerala, we are going to see a historic performance… We are in a winning position in Wayanad also.”

Meanwhile, hitting out at the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over his decision to contest from Uttar Pradesh’s Raebareli, his opponent in Kerala’s Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency, Annie Raja, CPI candidate, said it is an “injustice to voters.”

Annie Raja said that it is about political morality and by not informing the Wayanad voters of his intention, Gandhi was being “unjust” to them.

“In a parliamentary democracy, an individual can contest from more than one seat so he is using that democratic right. Now his filing nomination from Raebareli is an injustice to the voters of Wayanad. It is unjust to the voters because he never mentioned even once that he intends to contest another seat simultaneously. It is about political morality,” the CPI leader told ANI on Friday.

“It is important that you speak truth to the voters and then they will decide whom to vote for,” she added.

She further said that Gandhi contesting from Raebareli and not from Amethi is not any “political issue” nor does it “make any difference in a democratic setup”.

“This is a democratic setup and no constituency is permanent for any candidate. We are in this for five years and then the next election will be announced. So you can fight from anywhere,” Annie Raja said.


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