Anantnag Entrepreneur Pioneers Biodegradable Bag Factory

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Anantnag, a district nestled in the picturesque region of South Kashmir, has witnessed a pioneering endeavor led by Saqib Raza Khan, an enterprising engineer hailing from Ranipora village. Mr. Khan’s visionary initiative marks the inception of the first-ever factory dedicated to the production of biodegradable and compostable bags, heralding a new era in eco-conscious manufacturing.


His journey began with a foundation in Electronics and Communications, earning his BTech degree from Kurukshetra after completing his secondary education at a local school in his village. Despite pursuing opportunities in private companies beyond Kashmir, Mr. Khan nurtured a fervent ambition to establish his own startup.


Motivated by a deep-seated commitment to environmental sustainability, Mr. Khan’s factory represents a pivotal stride in combating the detrimental effects of plastic pollution. Beyond mere technical prowess, his venture underscores an unwavering dedication to both community welfare and environmental preservation.


Currently, his startup employs approximately 15 individuals directly or indirectly, contributing to local economic growth and empowerment. With aspirations to ascend to the forefront of India’s business landscape, Mr. Khan envisions his venture as a leader in its field.


In a heartfelt appeal to Kashmiri youth, Mr. Khan urges them to eschew conventional paths towards government employment, instead advocating for the pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavors. His story serves as an inspiration, illustrating the transformative potential of individual initiative and environmental consciousness in fostering sustainable progress.

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