SUPVA students in Rohtak have been on strike for 64 days, and the university has removed 94 students’ identities

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Even the 2017 cohort hasn’t graduated yet due to the Pandit Lakhmichand State University of Performing and Visual Arts terrible conditions. Students have been on strike for more than two months, calling for issues such as inadequate resources and syllabus inaccuracies.

Students at the Pandit Lakhmichand State University of Performing and Visual Arts in Rohtak, Haryana, have been on strike for more than two months. On June 29, the students who were on strike and making a number of requests had to deal with police intimidation coming from the university’s side. However, their demands are still valid.

pandit Lakhmi Chand State university of performing and visual arts Rohtak

As stated by the students, “The names of 26 students from the class of 2020 were mysteriously removed from the list when the students arrived at the university to attend their dharna site on August 8, 2022, as normal. When the administration was asked for a response, they were fully prepared. With the assistance of the police administration, the students were assaulted and shoved by the police; the administration of the police then threatened the students, saying that “the student’s family should come soon to apologize” and making other attempts to intimidate them by threatening to file an FIR against them soon. 94 students from the classes of 2019, 2020, and 2021 had their names removed by the university administration as of 3 p.m.”

What requirements do the Students have?

Supva students are protesting in 2019 for issues such as a new syllabus, more seats being added despite fewer resources, and mistakes in the new syllabus as well. There was a deal with the administration on 8 demands earlier in 2019, but nothing transpired. The students have attempted to make their views known to the college administration and the general public through their agitation in a variety of methods. Even after 64 days of agitation, the students singing Brecht and Kabir at the dharna are seen to be steadfast and enthusiastic. Additionally, the students have increased their demands by posing as freedom fighters.

This dharna is going on under the banner of Supva Students Unity, which says, “This 24/7 dharna will not stop till the demands of the students are met by the Supva administration.”


A protest was also made at the Kerala Film Festival

The Supva students participated in the ongoing Thiruvananthapuram film festival by protesting as well. The students described how the university administration had harassed them. He claimed that four of his films were stealing the program’s honors even though their names had been removed.

Students who spoke with The Bombay Tribune claimed that their department lacked the necessary tools and resources, that the curriculum had holes, and that classes were conducted in a haphazard manner.

The students contend that if they are wrong to struggle for educational excellence, it is because they are wrong.

“It has been more than 63 days since Supva Students Unity has expressed their complaint, but not even in last night’s meeting with the administration has a resolution been reached,” the students have pleaded. The administration, according to the students, has an authoritarian approach. The solution for Administration is messing with the future of the students and opposes leaving. In the meeting, the students presented all of their arguments, but the administration categorically rejected them. Students claim that their requests are fair and reasonable, which has made them furious with the administration’s methods.

The management does not accept accountability for the caliber of their education. In these situations, students are pleading with the public, student organizations, writers, social issues, intellectuals, young people, and artists to get involved. And assist the group in getting the administration to come up with a solution.


Billu Paul

“Speaking up for your rights is not improper; the university has been engaging in this process for many years. The students’ futures are being manipulated. Students and university management should collaborate to find a solution.”

 Billu Paul Alumnus, Supva 

Yogesh Vats Film Director

“The student’s appeal should be granted since, in my opinion, their demands are legitimate. The government should make an effort to find a solution.”

Yogesh Vats Alumnus, Supva 

Former Supva students who spoke with The Bombay Tribune claim that the demands of the current students are genuine and that the university administration’s previous lax policies have resulted in problems for many students.

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