BJP government does not care about public interest: Congress

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New Delhi: The Congress has alleged that the BJP government has nothing to do with public issues. Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinet said during a press conference held at the party headquarters on Friday that the central government waives off the loans of the rich to the tune of Rs 10 lakh crore. But on the matter of spending in the interest of the general public, he calls it free ki rewari.

Shrine said that the present Central Government is busy working only in the interest of industrialists. The issues of the general public are not visible to the central government. He said that even if you do something for the livelihood of the people in this country battling unemployment, low income and inflation, then it is not a rewari but a responsibility. At this time the discussion of ‘Revdi’ is going in the wrong direction. We live in a democracy where public opinion is paramount.

Shrinet said that Congress had fulfilled the promises made to the people responsibly. The party had talked about MNREGA, Food Rules, Right to Education and the Right to Information in its manifesto and showed it by fulfilling it.

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