IFFI 2023: Anticipation Builds as ‘Catching Dust’ Illuminates Opening Night

IFFI 2023 Anticipation Builds as 'Catching Dust' Illuminates Opening Night

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Panaji: Come November 20, the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) will unfold its cinematic extravaganza in the enchanting landscapes of Goa, captivating film enthusiasts from November 20 to November 28, 2023. This much-anticipated event promises a platform where cinematic brilliance will take center stage, captivating audiences with diverse storytelling and global perspectives.

Taking the spotlight on the opening night is “Catching Dust,” a compelling tale set against the vast expanse of Texas’ Big Bend, where the desert meets the horizon. Erin Moriarty brings to life the character of Geena, seeking solace from her domineering husband, Clyde (Jai Courtney), within the confines of a lone trailer on an abandoned commune. The winds carry whispers of forgotten stories, setting the stage for an enthralling narrative of isolation and hidden secrets.

Having garnered acclaim at prestigious festivals like Tribeca Film Festival and Raindance Film Festival in 2023, “Catching Dust” now graces the International Film Festival of India 2023. Audiences are invited on a cinematic voyage, exploring the heart of isolation where every gust of wind carries untold stories, and every decision reverberates through the Texan desert.

As the opening film for IFFI 2023, “Catching Dust” is poised to set the tone for a cinematic journey delving into the complexities of human relationships amid isolation, all framed within the evocative landscapes of Texas’ Big Bend. Get ready for a week-long celebration of cinematic excellence and storytelling diversity.

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