Goa govt to seek fitness certificate from sports coaches

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Panaji: Goa Sports Minister Govind Gaude has said coaches employed with the department will have to submit a fitness certificate every two years.

Talking to PTI, Gaude said he had conducted surprise visits to various sports facilities in the state where coaches were not found many a times.

Once coaches are employed, the sports department never checks their fitness, said Gaude, who took charge of the ministry in March this year.

Can an unfit coach produce a fit player? he asked.

We will make a rule that every two years, they will have to produce a physical fitness certificate, which will also be good for their own well-being,” the minister said.

The minister claimed that out of 130 coaches in the department, only 35-40 are professional, while the others need training.

The coaches were earlier recruited by the department either due to their experience in the field or excellence in a particular sport. “They are not trained coaches, he said.

They should be well trained in all aspects. They should undergo training at the National Institute of Sports, Gaude said.

The minister said the sports department has more than 1,000 staffers, but its output is not satisfactory.

He also said that there was lack of coordination between the Sports Authority of Goa and the Directorate of Youth Affairs.

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