India’s Mines Ministry Gears Up for Global Action on Critical Minerals

India's Mines Ministry Gears Up for Global Action on Critical Minerals

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New Delhi: The Ministry of Mines is set to host a groundbreaking outreach program, shedding light on the collaborative efforts of the government and industry in steering global initiatives related to critical minerals. The event, scheduled for Wednesday at the state-of-the-art Bharat Mandapam, will draw the participation of ambassadors, mission heads from diverse countries, and key representatives from Indian businesses, among other stakeholders.

In a bid to fortify supply chains, the ministry is actively formulating a comprehensive policy for critical minerals. This policy will unveil a strategic roadmap and delineate the roles of various ministries in ensuring the robustness of critical mineral supply chains. Simultaneously, the Ministry of Mines is crafting a forward-looking strategy for metal recycling, aimed at enhancing recycling capabilities and streamlining the recycling process. Collaborative efforts with partner nations will also be emphasized to co-develop mineral processing and raw material manufacturing capabilities.

Earlier this month, VL Kantha Rao, the Secretary at the Ministry of Mines, initiated the auctioning of 20 critical mineral blocks, including coveted resources like lithium and graphite, within the next two weeks. In June of this year, India identified 30 critical minerals crucial for sectors such as defense, agriculture, energy, pharmaceuticals, and telecom, aligning with its Atmanirbhar (self-reliance) roadmap.

These critical minerals, ranging from Antimony to Cadmium, are integral to economic development and national security. The government’s recent reforms, opening up the mining sector for private participation, particularly in mineral exploration, have witnessed significant progress. Accredited private exploration agencies are now actively contributing to accelerating the pace of exploration across the country.

As India takes the lead in addressing the global demand for critical minerals, this outreach program marks a pivotal step towards fostering international collaboration and strategic planning in the mining sector.

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