“India-West Asia-Europe corridor has immense potential, it’s our moment under the Sun”: Piyush Goyal

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Union Minister Piyush Goyal unveiled the India-West Asia-Europe bridge (or corridor) today, heralding a new era of logistics, energy grids, and digital connectivity.

The mammoth corridor, designed to connect India with West Asia and Europe, promises to revolutionize international trade and cooperation.

Union Minister Goyal expressed his optimism about the project, stating, “The potential is immense, it’s our moment under the Sun.”

The India- West Asia-Europe Bridge, often referred to as the “Global Bridge,” spans several thousand kilometers, with advanced infrastructure to facilitate the seamless movement of goods, services, and people.

“The new bridge that has been created the India-Middle East-West Asia-Europe bridge which will connect large parts of the world will help make logistics more affordable, make it easier to transport goods and services, connect nations for renewable energy grids and for digital connectivity”, said Goel.

The unveiling of the India-West Asia-Europe Bridge marks a monumental step towards India’s vision of becoming a pivotal global trade and connectivity hub.

The project, which has been in development for several years, reflects the government’s commitment to fostering international cooperation, economic growth, and sustainable development.

While the bridge is expected to bring about transformative changes in global logistics and connectivity, it also represents a symbol of unity and collaboration among nations.

The coming years will witness this bridge serving as a vital lifeline connecting nations, economies, and people, ushering in a new era of international relations and opportu



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