Adani Green Energy Sets Global Benchmark with 30 GW Renewable Power Plant in Gujarat

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Adani Green Energy Limited is pioneering the development of a colossal 30 GW renewable energy plant in Khavda, Kutch, Gujarat, spanning an expansive area of 538 sq km. Upon completion, this landmark project will solidify its position as the world’s largest power plant, dwarfing even the dimensions of major cities like Paris and Mumbai. The inauguration of the project saw the first energy flow to the national grid on February 14, 2024, boasting an initial output of 551 MW solar energy. With an investment of approximately Rs 1.5 lakh crore, Adani Green Energy Limited is committed to realizing this ambitious endeavor.


The Khavda project represents a significant leap towards sustainable energy, harnessing both solar and wind power. Already, Adani Green has operationalized 2,000 MW of solar energy capacity at Khavda in March 2024, with plans to escalate production further. Vneet Jaain, MD of Adani Green Energy Limited, outlines an aggressive timeline, aiming to achieve 6 GW by March 2025 and thereafter expanding by a minimum of 5 GW annually. The company sets its sights on generating a whopping 45,000 MW of renewable energy by 2030.


Innovative measures underscore the project’s commitment to efficiency and sustainability, with the implementation of waterless cleaning robots to address dust accumulation on solar panels. This not only enhances energy output but also conserves water in the arid region of Kutch. The environmental impact is profound, as India stands to mitigate approximately 58 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually through this initiative. Adani Green’s expansive renewable energy portfolio, spanning 12 states, primarily centers its production in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

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