Uttar Pradesh ministers will now be able to hire private female secretaries using a lottery method.

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Lucknow: In Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi government has been working to reduce corruption among ministers and officials. The secretariat administration has made several major decisions under the direction of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. The ministers will not get the private secretaries they want this time, according to the decisions. A pool of officers has been assembled to provide ministers with private secretaries. Ministers and officials will now be assigned private secretaries in accordance with the state’s rotation system.

Let us remind you that in the past, officers would lobby to become private secretaries. This time, a panel of 70 female officers is being assembled for him. Not only that, but 70 female officers will work as private secretaries alongside ministers this time. Each minister is required to have at least one female private secretary. The secretariat administration has also decided that old ministerial personal secretaries will be assigned to officers, while private secretaries who previously worked with officers will be assigned to ministers.

Please be aware that all cabinet ministers receive one PS and two APS. Ministers with independent charge receive one PS and two APS, whereas Ministers of State receive one PS and one APS. Previously, ministers could request their personal secretaries from the secretariat administration, but now they will have to be content with the officials chosen through a lottery.

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