To apply or not to apply for NAAC?

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A large number of higher educational institutions are in a quandary, to apply for NAAC accreditation or not when NAAC chief has termed it as a fraud.

Executive Committee Chairman of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) Bhushan Patwardhan has written to the University Grants Commission to conduct an enquiry into the functioning of NAAC. He has tendered his resignation alleging malpractices in the procedure for assessment and accreditation by NAAC.

The NAAC Chairman has levelled serious allegations of corruption in NAAC Gradation. At the same time, Higher Education Institutions (HEI) are compelled to apply for NAAC assessment before March 31. The HEI has also been threatened with withdrawal of grants and also recognition, in case of failure to undergo the NAAC assessment.

Meanwhile, NAAC also appointed some consultants for completing the mandatory procedure for the assessment. Patwardhan levelling serious allegations of corruption is evident from the fact that higher NAAC grades were obtained by some HEIs, which are known to lack even basic facilities for the students. At the same time the institutions of repute, which carried out the procedure honestly have been awarded lower grades.

Under the new National Education Policy 2020, plans for the upgradation of higher education were projected. The plan was appreciated at all levels. The HEI was directed to frame a curriculum which is practically oriented. Skill development is being emphasised. UGC issued several notifications for the effective implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP). At the same time, NAAC gradation has been made mandatory. With NAAC itself under the scanner, the managements of HEI feel that falling prey to malpractices is necessary for getting a higher grade.

The majority of the institutions have refrained from applying for NAAC accreditation for different reasons. The NAAC chief levelling charges of corruption has pushed them to a different corner. ‘To apply or not to apply?’ is the question confronting them.

Meanwhile, NAAC Director Prof S C Sharma issued a press release stating that the entire procedure of assessment and accreditation is transparent and professional. Sharma has given details of the procedure followed by NAAC.


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