The opposition should unite, with debates on what its framework should be ongoing: Rahul Gandhi

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New Delhi: Opposition parties that are against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the RSS should come together and discussions are ongoing on what should be its framework, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said Friday after meeting RJD leader Sharad Yadav.

Addressing the media with the Congress leader by his side, Yadav said Gandhi should take over as the president of the Congress party.

Asked if the Opposition must come together to take on the BJP, Gandhi said , “Opposition parties that are against RSS and Narendra Modi should come together. Discussions are ongoing on how they should come together, what should be the framework and that has to be developed.”

Yadav said he is concerned about the country and that there is a need to work for the weaker sections of the society.

On whether Gandhi should become Congress president, Yadav said, “Why not? Rahul Gandhi works for the party 24X7 and I think he should become the president of the party. The Congress should make him president.”

When Gandhi was asked to comment on the issue, he said, “We will see about that.”

Describing Yadav as his “guru”, Gandhi said he agrees with him that the country is in a “bad state” as “hatred” is being spread and the country is being divided.

“All of us are facing this challenge. We have to bring the country together, we have to take the country on the path of brotherhood again. He was unwell for a long time, I am happy that he is fighting fit now. He has taught me a lot about politics,” Gandhi said.

“People think that economy is different from the condition of the society.In a country which does not have harmony, hatred will increase and inflation will rise,” he said.

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