Sonia Gandhi called ‘Agneepath’ plan ‘directionless’, said- take it back

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New Delhi: Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Saturday termed the Centre’s ‘Agneepath’ scheme for recruitment in the armed forces as “directionless” and said her party promised a struggle to get it back. He appealed to the youth opposing this scheme to agitate peacefully and non-violently for their demands.

In a message to the youth of the country, Sonia Gandhi said, ‘I am sad that the government ignoring your voice and announcing a new scheme for recruitment in the armed forces’ is completely directionless. Declaring his party’s support for him, the Congress president said that along with the youth, many ex-servicemen and defense experts have also raised questions on the plan.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi is admitted to a hospital here and is undergoing treatment for respiratory tract infection and post-Covid-19 complications and is under the close supervision of doctors. Gandhi said she could understand the pain of the youth over the “three-year delay” in recruitment despite lakhs of posts lying vacant in the army. He said, ‘I have full sympathy with the youth who are waiting for the result and appointment after giving the recruitment examination in the Air Force.’

The Congress President said, ‘Congress stands firmly with you and promises to fight to get this scheme back and protect your interests’. Gandhi said, ‘Like a true patriot, we will raise our voice in front of the government by following the path of truth, non-violence, restraint and peace.’ “I request you also to agitate for your legitimate demands in a peaceful and non-violent manner,” she said. Indian National Congress is with you.

Significantly, youth are protesting across the country against the ‘Agneepath’ scheme related to recruitment in the armed forces. Violent protests have taken place at many places and furious youths have torched trains and damaged public property at many places.

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