SC to hear plea on EWS reservation in NEET after 15 days

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New Delhi: The Supreme Court deferred hearing a petition for two weeks challenging the validity of ten percent reservation for candidates from Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) in NEET admissions.

On January 7, Supreme Court had approved 27 percent reservation for OBC candidates appearing for NEET PG counselling.

The court had also ordered to keep the ten percent EWS reservation in force. The apex court had earlier asked the central government what exercise was adopted to implement the criteria of annual income of Rs 8 lakhs.

The court had asked the Center how the same criteria could be adopted for OBC and EWS categories when there was no social and educational backwardness in EWS reservation.

The court had asked the central government to follow demographic or socio-economic data, and it couldn’t randomly select Rs 8 lakh bracket for EWS.

In fact, several petitions have been filed challenging the implementation of ten percent reservation for EWS in the All India quota of NEET examinations. The petitions also sought an interim order not to implement EWS reservation in NEET.

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