Sanjay Raut accuses the BJP of a “plot to declare Mumbai a Union Territory”, BJP rejected the claim

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BJP National Secretary Sunil Deodhar on Saturday rubbished Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut’s claim that there is a conspiracy to make Mumbai a Union Territory.

BJP national secretary Sunil Deodhar on Saturday rubbished Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut’s claim that there was a conspiracy to make Mumbai a union territory. Speaking to the media a day ago, Shiv Sena spokesperson argued that BJP leader Kirit Somaiya will move courts in the next few months and demand that Mumbai be made a Union Territory as the percentage of Marathi speaking people in the city is very less. has gone. On which Deodhar has asked Raut to talk about it on the basis of evidence.

BJP leader Sunil Deodhar said, “What can I say about this? It is a drama. It has no basis. If they have any evidence, they should talk on the basis of evidence.”

Sanjay Raut had said, “A presentation has been made to the MHA about making Mumbai a union territory. Meetings have been held and funds are being raised for this. This is going on for the last two months and I am with full responsibility.” I am saying this together. I have evidence to substantiate what I am saying. The Chief Minister (Uddhav Thackeray) is also aware of the developments.”

Another allegation made by Sanjay Raut on BJP
Giving information to the media on Friday, Sanjay Raut alleged that his phone was tapped during the formation of the MVA government in 2019. Claiming that his phone was tapped by former state intelligence commissioner Rashmi Shukla at the behest of the central government, he reiterated that central investigative agencies were being misused. He will appear at Colaba police station to record his statement in the phone tapping case.

Sanjay Raut said, “A day before yesterday, I asked a question to Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Rajya Sabha- ‘Don’t Central Investigation Agencies work under your pressure? Look in my eyes and tell us that Central Investigation The agencies don’t act at his behest, to which he replied, ‘I am ready to talk straight into your eyes’. Then, I raised the issue of how our phones were tapped. You know That on whose instructions Rashmi Shukla was working at that time! Even today, she is in the service of the central government.”

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