Regional languages must be preserved: Prasoon Joshi

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Akansha Saini, Dehradun: Prasoon Joshi, a well-known lyricist, has a strong attachment to his homeland. Everything about this place, including the culture, food, and dialect, appeals to them. He remarked there are too many words in our language during a session on the last day of the Literature Festival. He also stated that he is not having much fun at the virtual conference because his facial expression is absolutely absent.

While interacting with Advaita Kala, he shared many details related to his life and career. He said that efforts are made in every language in the mountains. Regional languages ​​need to be saved. It is a capsule of experience, which is transferred from one generation to another. He said that I have a lot of love for Uttarakhand and I use incense in my songs. The people of Uttarakhand have a love for sunshine. He said that I have been living in Mumbai for many years. We have tried the spoken language there to a great extent.

DLF becomes the identity of Doon International Riverside Campus
Dehradun. Dehradun Literature Festival has become the hallmark of Doon International Riverside Campus. A fair of intellectuals and stalwarts of literature, art, cinema was organized in the school premises for two days. School students also liked this function very much. School director Harry Mann said children get a chance to meet many celebrities. They have the opportunity to learn a lot, which they are also taking advantage of.

Akansha Saini

Bureau Head, Dehradun

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