Parliamentary Panel Calls for Improved Visibility of Fuel Quantity Displays at Stations

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In a recent development, a Parliamentary panel has emphasized the necessity for enhanced visibility of fuel quantity display screens at fuel stations. The committee, focusing on consumer affairs and distribution, underscored the importance of ensuring that these screens are easily visible to drivers. Additionally, the panel suggested the provision of longer pipes for filling vehicles if necessary, aiming to safeguard consumer interests.

The report, titled “Regulation of Weights and Measures with specific reference to Dispensing Machines at Fuel Stations,” was submitted to Parliament by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution for the year 2023-24.

Highlighting concerns, the panel noted that oil marketing companies (OMCs) have instituted standard operating practices at retail outlets (ROs). Among these practices is the directive for delivery personnel to display “zero” before commencing fuel delivery.

This proactive stance from the Parliamentary panel underscores the ongoing efforts to address consumer welfare issues within the fuel retail sector.

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