Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan accuses a foreign conspiracy and refuses to resign as a trust vote looms

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In his address to the Pakistan, Khan cited a message from “a foreign nation” stating that “Imran Khan must be removed or Pakistan will suffer consequences.”

New Delhi: Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday alleged that a foreign country has threatened and blackmailed Pakistan into toppling the current PTI government, which faces a no-confidence vote on April 3. An adamant Khan also refused to resign from his post even as his ouster seems obvious after Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s major ally Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) joined hands with the Opposition.

Addressing the Pakistan , Khan cited a message sent by “a foreign nation” that “Imran Khan needs to be removed else Pakistan will suffer consequences”. In what appeared to be a slip of tongue, Pak PM Khan named the US as the country behind a ‘threat letter’, the details of which he reportedly shared with senior journalists and cabinet members on Wednesday.

“The letter stated that the no-confidence motion was being tabled even before it was filed, which means the Opposition was in contact with them,” Khan alleged in his address to the nation.

On March 27, Khan waved a purported letter at a public rally and claimed that the Opposition’s no-confidence move against him was a “foreign funded” move to topple his government. Several Opposition leaders, who denounced Khan’s claims as efforts to divert public’s attention, had asked the Prime Minister to divulge the details of the letter.

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