Not interested in becoming UPA chairperson: NCP chief Sharad Pawar

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MUMBAI: Nationalist Congress Party President Sharad Pawar said that he has no desire to become the Chairperson of the UPA, but he will keep trying to unite the opposition parties. He said that the Modi government does not have the time to address issues on the rapidly increasing inflation in the country, while the condition of the people is getting worse due to inflation. The political use of central investigative agencies is being done in the country like never before.

Sharad Pawar told reporters in Kolhapur on Sunday that the Congress party had made the mistake of imposing emergency only once, for which the Congress had to bear the punishment. Government of Congress had gone, but when the people understood it after two years, they again voted Congress to power .

But at this time the central government has made the situation worse than the emergency. In the first chargesheet about Anil Deshmukh, a case of 100 crores was mentioned, second time the amount was reduced to 4.7 crores and now the Enforcement Directorate (ED) is telling the court that the scam amount is only Rs 1.7 crores. Anil Deshmukh’s house and office have been raided 110 times by central investigative agencies, it is worse than emergency. The people of the country are watching all this and will give their answer when the time comes.

Sharad Pawar said that the work of the central government is to create a nurturing environment, but it is sowing poison in the society. There was no need to make a film titled Kashmir Files. hatred is being spread among societies in the country.

The way petrol and diesel prices are increasing every day, such an increase has never happened before. But Modi government is not paying attention to it. Sharad Pawar said that the central government should work on reducing inflation in the country on priority, so that the general public can get relief.

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