NCP-Shiv Sena to contest elections together ?; What did Sharad Pawar say in the NCP meeting?

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Pawar’s statement mentioning the loyalty of Shiv Sainiks after the mutiny in Shiv Sena

Mumbai: Shiv Sena MLAs revolted, blaming NCP and Congress. So will Shiv Sena and NCP come together from now on? Such a question arises. However, Sharad Pawar has once again expressed his support for taking Shiv Sena with him in the NCP meeting itself.

A meeting of NCP leaders and office bearers in the state was held on Tuesday. Speaking at the meeting, Sharad Pawar said that he would take Shiv Sena with him in the forthcoming Assembly elections.

Speaking at the meeting, Sharad Pawar said, “Now the next program for the organization will be given by the state president and senior leaders. The rains have started well in the state. When the rainy season is over, you have to work hard. For the next two and a half years, we want to reach out to as many people as possible, strengthen the organization, understand the problems of the people.

‘Fortunately we have the leadership of the Opposition, so we have a platform to ask questions of the people. However, if injustice continues to be done to the people, we will have to take a decision to take to the streets within the framework of democracy, ‘said Sharad Pawar, appealing to the party workers to raise their voices on various issues.

‘Many have told me that with one or two exceptions out of 40, no one will be elected. The common man does not like this story. Even though Shiv Sena MLAs have gone, Shiv Sainiks are still there. Therefore, if Shiv Sena and our forces come together in the next elections, a different picture will emerge, ‘said Sharad Pawar, reiterating the issue of Shiv Sena NCP.

“I am proud that not a single NCP MLA has split despite such a big rift in the state. We hear that all our ministers have done a good job while in power. The state president also visited the state while in power and interacted with activists from across the state. The Deputy Chief Minister also gave time to the workers and the people to run the state, ‘said Sharad Pawar, praising Ajit Pawar.

In the same way, even though we are in opposition now, we want to tear Maharashtra apart. We want to increase the people’s faith in the party, ‘said Sharad Pawar in the meeting.

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