India set to hold G20 presidency starting December 1, 2022

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New Delhi: Responding to a question in the Rajya Sabha on the manner in which India is preparing to assume the responsibility of the Presidency of G20 this year in December, the Minister of State for External Affairs Rajkumar Ranjan Singh on Thursday elaborated upon the role of India as the G-20 Presidency and the responsibilities and power the position would bring.

“As a founding member of the G20, India has constantly contributed towards its discussions on issues of global importance, including those that impact the most vulnerable around the world,” said the Minister of State. India will hold the G-20 presidency starting December 1 this year till November 30, 2023, and will host the G20 Leaders’ Summit for the first time in the country next year.
“As the G20 Presidency, India will set the agenda for the year, identify the themes and focus areas, conduct discussions and work out outcome documents. The G20 Secretariat will be responsible for a smooth transition from the previous Presidency, preparations and conduct,” the Minister of State said.
“Hosting of G20 Presidency would also result in economic opportunities in different sectors such as tourism, hospitality, IT and civil aviation among others, during our Presidency year,” he added.

“India will be in a position to identify, highlight, develop and strengthen international support for priorities of vital importance to developing countries in diverse social and economic sectors, ranging from energy, agriculture, trade, digital economy, health and environment to employment, tourism, anti-corruption and women empowerment, including in focus areas that impact the most vulnerable and disadvantaged,” he further said.

The G20 process is divided into the Sherpa track and the Finance track. Under the Sherpa track, about 100 official meetings are expected to be organized in the areas of employment, health, digital economy, trade, investment & industry, environment & climate, energy, anti-corruption, agriculture, tourism, culture, and socio-economic development, education, and women empowerment.
Under the Finance track, about 40 meetings are expected to be organized including those in the areas of international financial architecture, financial inclusion and sustainable finance, financing for infrastructure, climate finance and tax matters.

“In addition, programs and events to showcase India’s diversity and culture and to promote India as a business and tourism destination will also be organized for the visiting G20 delegates,” the Minister of state said.
In December 2021, India joined the G20 Troika of Indonesia, Italy, and India – the current, previous and incoming G20 Presidencies, respectively. India will assume the G20 Presidency on December 1 2022 from Indonesia and will convene the G20 Leaders’ Summit for the first time in India in 2023. (ANI)

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