India has taken balanced stand on war in Ukraine: Bhagwat

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Nagpur: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Thursday said India has taken a “balanced stand” on the Russia-Ukraine war, but it has also increased the security and financial challenges facing the country.

Speaking at the RSS’ officers’ training camp here, he said while Russia attacked Ukraine and there were protests, no one was willing to go to Ukraine to stop the invasion “because Russia has power and had threatened to use the nuclear bomb.”

The motives of the countries helping Ukraine were also not pure, he said, claiming that they were giving ammunition to Ukraine to test its capability.

India, “which is speaking the truth”, has fortunately taken a “balanced stand”, Bhagwat said.

“India did not support the invasion, nor did it oppose Russia. It is not helping Ukraine in the war, but is helping it in all other ways and asking Russia repeatedly to sort out the matter through dialogue,” the RSS chief said.

“If India had been enough powerful, it would have stopped this war, but it cannot do it now as it is in the process of increasing its power and it is not fully powerful yet,” Bhagwat further said.

He also questioned why China is not trying to stop this war.

“This war has increased the security and financial challenges for the country and we need to increase our efforts and become powerful,” he added.

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