Govt dedicated for welfare of poor: PM

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New Delhi:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the ‘Utkarsh Samaroh’ organised in Bharuch, Gujarat through video conferencing on Thursday, described eight years of his government as dedicated to the welfare of the poor.

Modi said that when the BJP came to power in 2014, half of the country’s population was deprived of basic facilities like toilets, bank accounts, electricity connections and vaccinations. He said that over the years, with the efforts of all, “we have been able to bring many schemes close to cent per cent saturation”.

The ‘Utkarsh Samaroh’ program was organised to commemorate 100 percent completion of four major schemes of the State Government in the district. The Utkarsh Samaroh is a proof of the fact that when the government reaches out to the beneficiary with a sincere resolve, then such are the fruitful results.

On the politics of appeasement, Prime Minister said that when government schemes get 100 percent coverage for the benefit of the public, the politics of appeasement ends. “With this there is an equality of treatment among people.” He said, “The country has resolved to reach 100 percent beneficiaries. When you reach 100 percent then the first psychological change comes, that is very important. With that the citizen of the country comes out of the position of being a beggar.”

He further said, “Century coverage of beneficiaries i.e. every vote, every sect, every section equally, Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas. No one should be left behind from every scheme of poor welfare.”

Referring to a conversation with a political opponent, Modi said that his goal was not to become Prime Minister twice, rather 100 percent saturation of schemes.

“I said earlier also that such tasks are difficult, even politicians are afraid to lay their hands on them. But I have not come to do politics, but to serve the countrymen.” He said that “our government is for social security, public welfare and dignity of the poor. The resolve for the dignity of the poor and the values of the dignity of the poor, this is what motivates us.”

Referring to the lack of information about government schemes among the common people, the Prime Minister said that many people are often deprived of the benefits of the schemes due to lack of information.

“Sometimes plans are left on paper. But when the intention is clear, the policy is clear, there is an intention to do good work, there is a spirit of development for all, then there are results.”

On the occasion of the completion of eight years of the government, the Prime Minister said, “I am completing eight years serving the country from Delhi. These eight years were dedicated to service, good governance and poor welfare.”

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