Corona: Corona’s havoc in China, people are leaving Shanghai

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Find out exactly what the foreign nationals here have to say.

Shanghai: Corona is rampant in Shanghai, China. Therefore, the government has imposed lockdown there. Many areas have been locked up. As a result, people are leaving Shanghai, one of the world’s largest centers. Companies like Packers and Movers and some law firms in the area say people are leaving Shanghai.

Some people have reported on social media that the lockdown has started in Shanghai. How can you leave the city with all the restrictions that have been imposed? Some people are advising this on social media.

Shanghai has a population of about 2.5 million. There are many multinational companies in this city. Also many foreigners live in Shanghai. However, as the number of Kovid patients is increasing in Shanghai, many people have chosen to leave Shanghai. Michael Faung, founder of international movers Shanghai M&T, says he wants to tell about 30 to 40 people a month for shifting. This number has increased significantly this month.

According to the agency, Kovid’s patients are on the rise in Shanghai and other crises are on the rise. Many people do not even get two meals a day. 10 Foreign nationals said that they had to work hard to get food. He also had to face many difficult situations. Not only that, we always have this fear in our mind that what to do if any member of our household becomes positive?

If a corona patient is found, it has to be kept in isolation. So there is also the fear of being separated from the family. Jennifer Lee, a foreigner in Shanghai, said: “Before the lockdown, I could do whatever I wanted. Now there are restrictions. So I don’t have the freedom to do what I want. I have experienced the power of power since the lockdown began. I’m not allowed to do what I want now. I have lived in this place for the last 11 years. But now I don’t want to live in this place anymore.

People who leave the city say that they have to pay a lot of money to reach the airport. Where you used to pay ३० 30 to get to the airport by taxi, now you have to pay 500. Not only that, some flights have also been canceled. As a result, many people are stranded at the airport.

(Source: Agencies)

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