CM Pushkar Singh Dhami participated in the closing ceremony of Dehradun Literature Festival

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Akansha Saini, Dehradun: On Sunday, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami attended the Dehradun Literature Festival’s concluding ceremony. Our litterateurs and intellectuals struggle to give direction to society, and they are our brand ambassadors, stated Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami during the programme. He stated that with everyone’s help, Uttarakhand will become a prominent state, as well as receiving national prominence in the tourism sector. Uttarakhand’s identity, according to the Chief Minister, is fraud-free behaviour. Our youth are the country’s future builders, and it is our goal to connect them to our traditions.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s special affinity to Uttarakhand, according to the Chief Minister, is clear. Under his capable leadership, the state’s next five years will be golden years in terms of development. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has dubbed the third decade of the twenty-first century the Uttarakhand decade. In the year of Rajat Jayanti, we are determined to making the state one of the country’s leading states in terms of development. Our government, according to the Chief Minister, is operating under the motto “Vikalpless Sankalp.”

The Chief Minister stated that work on the Dehradun-Delhi Expressway is progressing at a rapid rate, and that the construction work will be done shortly, reducing the distance between Dehradun and Delhi to just two and a half hours. Pushkar Singh Dhami, the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, also unveiled the poster for Varun Gupta’s film “Tiraha,” which is based on the Uttarakhand struggle. The Chairman of the Censor Board, Prasoon Joshi, a well-known writer and poet, and film producer and director Ali Abbas Zafar also spoke at the event. Sonu Nigam, a well-known singer, also performed on the show. Satish Sharma was in charge of the show.

Akansha Saini

Bureau Head, Dehradun

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