Amit Shah launches e-FIR system in Gujarat

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah launches the e-FIR system in Gujarat. It will enable people to file FIRs online. E-FIR is an addition to several other online services provided by the Gujarat police.

Gandhinagar: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has launched an e-FIR filing system for the people of Gujarat in the presence of Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel. The important services of the Gujarat police are now available online in an attempt to make complaints of mobile and vehicle theft hassle-free. Now citizens of the state need not go to the police station to lodge a complaint of vehicle theft or mobile theft as they can conveniently do that online from anywhere.

Minister of State for Home Harsh Sanghavi on Friday remarked, “It is totally unacceptable in this age of technology that a simple mobile phone gets stolen and a person has to leave work and rush to the police station for the whole day.” He added that within 48 hours of registering the FIR online, the police will contact the complainant and complete the inquiry in 21 days. Once the FIR is registered, the complainant will be contacted via SMS or mail about the progress made in the investigation.

The complainant can apply through the senior citizen portal or application where they need to provide all kinds of information. Police officers are expected to log in with the Guzcop user id and send a preliminary inquiry to the officer on duty within 24 hours. In three days, the complainant will be contacted and important documents will be verified. The case needs to be disposed of in 72 hours and if not resolved, the pending email will be immediately followed up. And after 120 hours, the application will be officially registered as a complaint.

According to State DGP Ashish Bhatia, “The state government needs to go through the application within 24 hours and immediately register the FIR, but on failing to do so, the officer is bound to reply in writing the reason behind the delay. This online system will enable the citizens of the state to verify their complaint and check whether the complaint has been registered or not.”

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