No Land Transfer to SPV or Adani Group in Dharavi Slum Redevelopment: Sources

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Mumbai: The Dharavi slum redevelopment project, touted as the world’s largest, is at the center of controversy following concerns over alleged favoritism towards the Adani Group. However, sources closely associated with the project have debunked these claims, emphasizing that no land transfer will occur to either the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) or the Adani Group.

According to insiders, the land will be transferred exclusively to the Dharavi Redevelopment Project/Slum Rehabilitation Authority (DRP/SRA), which operates under the Maharashtra government’s housing department. The DRPPL, through a tender-based agreement, will acquire the land by paying for it in exchange for development rights. This arrangement ensures that the land remains under government control throughout the redevelopment process.

The controversy erupted after allegations surfaced regarding the allocation of government land to the Adani Group. Congress MP Varsha Gaikward recently questioned the government’s decisions, citing multiple instances of land allocation to Adani for the project.

In response, DRPPL sources clarified that the land allocated, including railway land acquired at a premium above market rates, is intended solely for the DRP’s use, not directly benefiting Adani. They reiterated that strict tender norms and government resolutions from 2018 and 2022 guarantee no displacement of Dharavi residents, ensuring in-situ rehabilitation for eligible beneficiaries.

Addressing environmental concerns, sources highlighted the project’s commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards, emphasizing plans for extensive tree planting to enhance green cover.

Furthermore, the allocation of land at Kurla Mother Dairy was scrutinized for procedural irregularities. Sources affirmed that all procedures under the Maharashtra Land Revenue (Disposal of Government Lands) Rules, 1971, were duly followed, and the land was allocated to the DRP, not directly to Adani.

Amid calls for an impartial survey, DRPPL assured that the survey process is being conducted by DRP/SRA with third-party oversight to maintain impartiality and compliance with government standards.

The redevelopment project, which aims to transform Dharavi’s landscape while respecting local demands and environmental sustainability, continues to navigate scrutiny and controversy amidst its ambitious goals.

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