PM Modi Congratulates Bhutan’s PDP and Tshering Tobgay on Election Victory

PM Modi Congratulates Bhutan's PDP and Tshering Tobgay on Election Victory

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New Delhi, January 9: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has extended his congratulations to Bhutan’s People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and its leader Tshering Tobgay for securing victory in the parliamentary elections. PDP emerged triumphant by winning 30 out of 47 National Assembly seats, positioning them to form the new government. Prime Minister Modi expressed anticipation for continued collaboration to strengthen the enduring friendship and cooperation between the two nations. The Bhutanese election, the country’s fourth since transitioning to a parliamentary system 15 years ago, focused on economic growth and the well-being of its citizens, as reflected in its unique “Gross National Happiness” index. Tshering Tobgay is set to become prime minister for the second time, with the final declaration from the Election Commission of Bhutan expected on Wednesday.

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