Karnataka CM Urges Universities: Stay True to Science and Social Unity


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Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah underscored the significance of universities cultivating a scientific mindset and engaging in research that directly benefits the people. In a 45-minute discussion with a delegation of vice-chancellors from various universities at the Home Office Krishna, he expressed apprehension about universities straying from their intended goals.

During the meeting, the Chief Minister urged universities to refrain from activities that contribute to societal division, emphasizing the need to prioritize social values and justice. Siddaramaiah emphasized the pivotal role of universities in shaping the nation’s future, warning that deviating from their core objectives could have adverse consequences for both students and the country.

The Chief Minister reiterated his government’s commitment to bolstering higher education grounded in scientific principles and made it clear that any deviation from this path would not be tolerated. Among those present during the meeting were Prof. Ashok Aluru of Madikeri University, Dr. B.K. Ravi of Koppal University, Prof. Deshpande of Bagalkote University, Dr. Jangamashetti of Haveri University, Prof. Biradar of Bidar University, Prof. Taranath of Hassan University, and Vice-Chancellor of Chamarajanagar University Prof. Gangadhar.

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